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WeatherTiger’s suite of services was developed by research scientists in close conjunction with agricultural commodity market leaders to provide the most useful weather information in the minimum amount of time. Descriptions of our products and services are available below.


Your enterprise is unique, and WeatherTiger is proud to offer our decades of agricultural meteorology and doctorate-level research experience to work to solve your business’ weather and climate challenges. Our core proficiencies include climatological data analysis, climate modeling and prediction, global climate dynamics, synoptic meteorology, severe weather risk management, predictive analytics, weather concept communication strategies, and much more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how WeatherTiger can make your business smarter and more efficient or make an appointment.


WeatherTiger’s market-leading seasonal outlooks have a proven track record of accuracy in providing advanced probabilistic guidance at lead times of six months or more. Our proprietary modeling technology yields superior forecasts for temperature, precipitation, ENSO conditions, seasonal hurricane activity, winter severity, and can be customized to your unique needs. Find out more by clicking below.

WeatherTiger’s agricultural outlook products take you beyond day-to-day weather and offer your business an essential look at the months ahead. Our proprietary predictive analytics identify the most important leading indicators in each global growing region, and translate that into forecasts of likely precipitation and temperature anomalies out to six months. You won’t find jargon in our Seasonal Outlooks, just a clear, succinct, skillful forecast that will keep you ahead of the market.

Agricultural Outlooks for each active region are published quarterly.

There’s no driver of global weather more important to your bottom line than El Niño. At WeatherTiger, we make our research expertise work for you each month in our El Niño Outlooks, a discussion of current El Niño/La Niña conditions and our “ENSO Whisperer” model’s probabilistic predictions for the next six months. In simple, direct language, we break down exactly what these scenarios mean in terms of potential precipitation, temperature, and severe weather impacts so your business can be prepared.

El Niño Outlooks are released around the 5th of each month.

Tropical meteorology is how we got our start, and we do seasonal hurricane forecasting more accurately and more rigorously than anyone else on the market. Using proprietary TigerTracks modeling technology developed by Drs. Staehling and Truchelut, our forecast makes skillful predictions of the aggregate seasonal chances of hurricane landfall in both the entire U.S., as well as individual coastal regions. While this is itself a significant advance, we’re just getting started.

Tropical Outlooks are published in December, April, late May/early June, and early August, with updates as warranted through the Atlantic hurricane season.

Accurate winter forecasting is more in demand than ever as the U.S. whipsaws between record warmth and excessive snow, with your business’ bottom line at stake. Take a rigorous look at the winter ahead in the U.S. with WeatherTiger’s Winter Outlooks, which harness our research staff’s fundamental understanding of complex interactions between global climate modes and cutting-edge predictive analytics to deliver a forecast that is not only accurate, but easy to understand and use.

Winter Outlooks are published in mid-November, with updates as warranted throughout Northern Hemisphere winter.

Harness the true power of our predictive analytics with WeatherTiger’s custom modeling solutions. Our technology is ready to go to work to bring accurate probabilistic predictions to your enterprise’s exact needs, customized to your precise geographic location and weather variable of interest. Don’t pay for one-size-fits-all seasonal forecasts when WeatherTiger’s team of modelers will work with you one-on-one to provide superior, individualized weather intelligence.

Contact us today to find out how WeatherTiger’s custom seasonal modeling solutions can save your business time and money.


WeatherTiger provides full daily coverage of global agricultural weather, keeping your business ahead of the latest developments in commodity markets. Learn more about our products below.

WeatherTiger’s morning agricultural briefing is a complete daily update of market-impacting agricultural weather conditions worldwide, with U.S., South America, Europe, Black Sea, and other region coverage as needed. Each zone discussion includes a brief review of recent weather, a week 1 forecast including specific values for temperature anomalies and precipitation totals with changes from the previous forecast highlighted, and a week 2 discussion of the long-range pattern, likely ranges of temperature and precipitation, and forecast changes. It’s everything you need to start your day in one efficient report.

This comprehensive forecast will be released by 7pm Eastern time on Sunday evening and by 7am, Tuesday-Friday.

The mid-day forecast update is a concise look at the evolution of forecast ideas after each day’s noon model run. This product emphasizes brevity and clarity for the lowest possible latency and highest market utility following the release of the mid-day U.S. forecast models.

The mid-day update will be released around 11:45am Eastern during standard time and around 12:45 during daylight saving time.

Your enterprise faces unique threats from severe weather, with the safety of your staff and your bottom line at stake. WeatherTiger offers full operational decision support services to government and industry, offering customized packages that give you weeks of lead time in advance of high-impact threats, backed up by one-on-one custom forecasts and support from degreed meteorologists as a severe event approaches.

Contact our team today to find out how WeatherTiger can guide your enterprise through dangerous weather with custom operational decision support services.


WeatherTiger’s wide variety of video forecast products make it easy and entertaining to keep track of important weather developments around the globe. Give us a minute and we’ll give you everything you need to know. View sample products here.

There’s no more energetic weather event on the planet than hurricanes, and there’s no better way to stay ahead of the storm than WeatherTiger’s weekly Tropical Videos. Hosted by Dr. Ryan Truchelut, an expert in tropical cyclone forecasting and climatology, these weekly videos examine both active storms and the upcoming potential for development in the Atlantic Ocean, all in a package that is efficient, informative, and entertaining.

Tropical Videos are released each Tuesday during the Atlantic hurricane season. During active threats, the associated premium Tropical Update service offers more frequent updates.

When major weather events are impacting key agricultural regions, WeatherTiger tells you everything you need to know with Threat Focus forecast videos. Whether the price risk comes from flooding, heat, freezes, hurricanes, severe weather, or anything else, our expert analysis breaks down the threat using decades of experience in severe weather prediction and agricultural meteorology.

Threat Focus videos are released as needed when there is an active threat event.


When hurricanes or winter storms threaten the continental United States, you can count on WeatherTiger’s severe weather forecasts to take an empirical, probabilistic approach to forecasting that gives you an unmistakeable edge on the competition. Samples are available here.

When hurricanes are threatening U.S. commodity and energy markets, tropical expert Dr. Ryan Truchelut has a trusted voice and steady hand, with over a decade of professional tropical cyclone forecasting and research experience. Tropical Update videos take a rational, unbiased approach to probabilistic forecasting that gives you an unmistakeable edge on the competition, when other media outlets are prone to hype and hysteria.

Tropical Update written and video forecasts are released weekly throughout hurricane season (Mondays by noon, June through mid-November) and more frequently during landfall risks to the continental United States.

Snow and ice has an enormous impact on the economy, including agricultural commodities, and the winter update keeps you in the loop on where frozen precipitation is expected in the continental United States. The forecast not only focuses on active storms, but recognizing the development of favorable patterns for snow and ice out to two weeks.

Winter Update written forecasts are released weekly during Northern Hemisphere winter (Mondays by noon, mid-November through late March).