Who We Are

WeatherTiger is a group of highly skilled, highly experienced professionals dedicated to advancing the science of forecasting, and providing the highest standard of forensic meteorological analysis and expert witness insights for our clients.  Read below to meet our leadership team and learn about our partners.

Our Founders

Ryan Truchelut, Ph.D.
Co-founder, President, and Chief Meteorologist

Dr. Truchelut possesses unique expertise in both operational forecasting and research science. In his eleven years as a lead professional meteorologist, he has provided mission-critical forecast guidance and consulting to satisfied clients across the full spectrum of agricultural markets, including producers, processors, end-users, and traders. Ryan’s comprehensive knowledge of client needs and deep background in mid- and long-range forecasting, quantification of extreme event risk, and innovative product development are at the forefront of the field, and inform every WeatherTiger forecast.

Ryan graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences, and received master’s and doctoral degrees in meteorology from Florida State University. As first author of multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications, Ryan’s research is focused on tropical cyclone risk, seasonal forecasting, and predictive analytics, and has been presented at numerous national and international meteorology conferences. He has also been the recipient of the NASA Earth Science Enterprise Fellowship and the Max Mayfield Award in Weather Forecasting from the American Meteorological Society, and has authored weather analysis pieces for major media outlets including the Washington Post, and USA Today. He has appeared on CNN, BBC World News, and and other international media outlets as an expert guest meteorologist, and his perspectives on commodity weather appear frequently in Bloomberg News and ProFarmer.

In the occasional moments when he is not watching the weather, Ryan is an accomplished runner and mountain climber, with some of his many other interests including birdwatching, guitar, and America’s national parks. If you have 20 minutes to burn, be sure to ask Ryan about his Jeopardy! appearance.

Erica Staehling, Ph.D.
Co-founder, CEO, and Director of Research and Development

Dr. Staehling is an accomplished climate dynamicist, specializing in fundamental problems in geophysical fluid dynamics with relevance to large-scale atmospheric circulation. She graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of science from Bucknell University, with a dual major in Physics and Mathematics. Erica earned the American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowship and later the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship to study Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Princeton University, where she collaborated with leading researchers at NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and earned her doctorate.

Erica brings her extensive expertise in the conceptual development and implementation of complex atmospheric models to head WeatherTiger’s Research and Development division, where she uses these insights to develop enterprise-oriented advancements to forecasting science. Her background in science education, including the peer-reviewed publication of novel communication strategies for core concepts in weather and climate, also serves to guide WeatherTiger toward creating intuitive and efficient forecast products. She also serves as Chief Executive Officer, with over five years of professional experience in program administration and personnel management.

In her spare time, Erica is an avid cyclist, who has biked across the entire continental United States, a route of over 4200 miles stretching from Oregon to Virginia. She is also an experienced hiker, having reached the summits of 22 states and counting.

Our Partners

International Agribusiness Group
Agricultural Consulting Partner

7-8-16iagInternational Agribusiness Group is a premier agricultural consultancy providing data-backed risk management insight and solutions to a wide spectrum of domestic and global clients along the food continuum, from producers to processors, agriculturally invested companies, and other agri-entities. WeatherTiger works closely with IAG’s team of experts to develop and optimize our forecast products and share daily perspectives. Contact IAG today for the customized agricultural commodity market insights you need to do your job.


USA TODAY Florida Network/Tallahassee Democrat
Media Partner

WeatherTiger has partnered with the USA Today Florida Network, a division of Gannett Co., to provide Florida residents with expert tropical forecasting and analysis during hurricane season. Our weekly tropical outlook video and column is available each Wednesday at tallahassee.com and across the USA Today Florida Network’s suite of social media outlets. When tropical storms threaten, we bring subscribers complete coverage with daily forecasts, blogs, and reader Q&As.