What We Do

WeatherTiger provides customized seasonal weather forecasts and full-spectrum decision support for commodity, weather risk, public safety, and retail markets with a proprietary technology fusing meteorological insights and the power of Big Data.

At the heart of our business is a proprietary seasonal forecasting algorithm developed by a team of research scientists. This technology incorporates more and better sources of historical weather data and faster update cycles than any other seasonal forecast product on the market. The WeatherTiger advantage is:

  • Our forecasts are accurate, transparent, and trustworthy. Unlike competitors, we won’t sell seasonal forecasts that do not have demonstrated skill over the past 30 years.
  • Our forecasts are customized for your exact weather risk. Our advanced modeling technology makes skilled forecasts for whatever weather risks impact your enterprise, from hurricanes to temperatures, precipitation, and severe weather.
  • Our forecasts are specific to your location. We use our extensive catalog of historical weather data to target our forecasts to the precise scale of our clients’ enterprise, as well as to make accurate seasonal outlooks for key agricultural growing regions around the world.

Our flagship agricultural subscription package embodies our core values of advanced technology and forecast clarity by giving you critical forecast information for commodity market decision-making in the absolute minimum amount of time. Everything you need to know about temperature and precipitation trends and threats in the world’s most important agricultural regions is condensed into a concise twice-daily report. This subscription features monthly ENSO forecasts and complete long-range agricultural outlooks powered by our proprietary seasonal forecasting technology, giving you superior intelligence on trends in global weather and climate patterns with months of lead time.

WeatherTiger also specializes in hurricane forecasting and extreme event risk mitigation, and our research staff is available for one-on-one consulting to design forecasting solutions customized to meet your individual needs.

The bottom line is at WeatherTiger, our proprietary technologies challenge the limits of what is possible in long-range forecasting, and we’re just getting started. No matter where our research takes us, our products will always be guided by one idea: communicating the most accurate forecasts, as efficiently as possible. It’s as simple as that. WeatherTiger. Now you know.