Forensic meteorology

When the weather is critical to your legal case or insurance claim, having the right information can make the difference between success and failure. Turn to the forensic meteorology experts at WeatherTiger to work with you one-on-one to provide the answers and analysis your case needs.

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What is forensic meteorology?

Forensic meteorology is the determination of past weather conditions at a particular location, through the study of archived weather observations, radar and satellite data, and official forecast products. Many times, insurance claims and court proceedings hinge on the exact weather conditions at the time and place an incident occurred, including cases of determination of fault in an accident or cause of damage to property.

Why WeatherTiger?

WeatherTiger has extensive experience working one-on-one with law offices, consumers, and insurers in all aspects of forensic meteorology. Our team of PhD researchers have access to more and better sources of data and analysis techniques that leave no stone unturned in uncovering weather information relevant to your case. Leading the team is Dr. Ryan Truchelut, a nationally recognized meteorologist serving as the hurricane expert for the USA Today Network and whose work has appeared in the Washington Post and other national and scientific media outlets. He has also been an expert guest meteorologist interviewed live on CNN, BBC World News, Bloomberg BNN, and more.

Dr. Truchelut and WeatherTiger provide meteorological consultation to multiple Florida state government agencies and leading law firms across Florida, advising our clients on many of the most complex and highest-profile weather cases in the state.

Our services

Our services include phone consultation, expert declaration reports suitable for admission in court or arbitration, and in-person testimony for your legal matter or insurance claim. Add our expertise in weather analytics and national reputation to your team by contacting us by email or calling us at 850-733-8431 today.

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