Articles by WeatherTiger Czar

El Niño Outlook for June 2023

An extended period of weaker or reversed trade winds will continue to drive warming and emergence of the subsurface pool of Central Pacific warm water, and the formal initiation of an El Nino event is likely in the next month.

El Niño Outlook for April 2023

The 2020-23 La Nina event has finally ended as of early March, though after a period of rapid warming in the Nino3.4 region mid-month, SST anomalies have plateaued very close to normal.

El Niño Outlook for December 2022

Nino3.4 SST anomalies are slightly less than 1C below normal. Moderate La Nina conditions are likely to persist for a few more months before rapidly warming in March and April.

El Niño Outlook for May 2022

While long-range ENSO forecasts have limited skill at this time of year, observations and models are in good agreement on a third summer of La Nina.

Fall Hurricane Outlook for Late September 2020

WeatherTiger’s outlook for the fall months of the Atlantic hurricane season is for above average chances of elevated activity.  We expect net ACE to be at least 50% above normal, and it could easily be twice or more typical values.