Articles by WeatherTiger Czar

El Niño Outlook for May 2018

Observations and model data support an inactive ENSO pattern for 3-4 months, with WeatherTiger’s proprietary ENSO Whisperer model continuing to favor the development of a weak +ENSO event early in the fall.

El Niño Outlook for February 2018

An eastern Pacific-based moderate La Niña event continues but has very likely peaked in intensity in December/January and is starting to weaken. WeatherTiger’s February modeling shifts slightly in the direction of a potential summer El Niño from our previous several runs.

El Niño Outlook for September 2017

The equatorial Pacific has cooled quite a bit in the last month due to a strong surge in easterly trade winds, and ENSO is beginning to tip into a weak La Niña state.

El Niño Outlook for July 2017

The latest dynamical ENSO models are showing a strong consensus for continued warm-neutral conditions over the rest of 2017. This is in good agreement with WeatherTiger’s July modeling, which shows a solidly neutral state through year’s end.